Fall Closings & Winterization

Fall Closing Property Management on Fire Island

Fire Island Property Management can help you close your home in the fall and professionally winterize it. Making it safe to return to in the spring. Our fall closings are necessary for anyone who has a home on Fire Island that leaves during the winter. When it gets cold and no one is living there, there are important steps to keep your home safe. The colder it gets, the worse it can be for your home if the right precautions are not met.

Keep your home warm and dry by having our professional staff close it during the fall and winterize it for the cold months. So when you return in the spring it is in good condition. If you are looking for a professional hand in the fall closing of your home, look no further than Fire Island Property Management! We have years of experience with winterization on Long Island and will safely close your home in the fall to prepare for the colder months.

The number for our office is 631-583-7429. When you call, we can go over our fall closing services, as well as discuss any of our other property management services. On top of the fall closings we provide homeowners on Long Island, New York, we also offer spring openings! So we can be there to open up for you can the warmer weather and prepare your home for the summer. Check out all of the home construction and management services we offer.

Our Fall Closing / Winterizing Checklist

If you are planning to close up your second home on Fire Island, New York, get the professionals on our staff to winterize it for you. For the most part, we will follow this general checklist to make sure your home is closed properly for winter and will be ready when spring rolls around.

Weatherize The Home

The first item on the checklist is to weatherize the home. We will make sure that your home has durable weatherstripping and storm doors/windows in order to limit the amount of cold air from entering the home. Or from heat inside to escape. All of this will reduce your energy bills, which is doubly important since no one is there. We will inspect the caulk around all your windows to make sure they are still effectively sealing the window frame. And it is common to use foam outlet protectors in order to prevent cold air from entering into the home. Lastly, if your home has an attic, we will check the insulation. No stone will be left unturned!

Lower The Heat

We will recommend you lower the heat to your unoccupied home when we close it. However, we do not want you to turn it off completely. Low temperatures can cause problems that range from frozen pipes to condensation on your windows. If left untreated, these problems can lead to mold! Nobody wants that!

Turn Off Your Water

Frozen pipes and water leaks can cause significant damage to your home. So we recommend considering turning it off completely since no one will be there for an extended period of time. After we close it off, we will drain your pipes of all remaining water by opening the faucets and flushing the toilet.

If you do not want to turn off your water during the fall closing, then you will need to keep the heat higher to prevent it from freezing in the pipes.

Safety Measures

When you are leaving for the winter, there are a couple safety measures to be taken with your home. We recommend unplugging all of your appliances, so there is no threat of an electrical fire or blow out. Properly clearing out your gutters is also a safe thing to do. This way you don't have any roof damage over the winter from a storm. Lastly, have someone come to inspect and service your heating system and fuel tank. This way you know it is full and in working condition when you are away. The last thing you want is for this to break down without anyone home to notice.

Give Home Appearance of Being Occupied

Now, this is a small thing. And one that is up to you, but acting like your home is occupied is a smart idea. You do not want to give the obvious impression that no one is there. We recommend installing a motion-sensor or timer-powered light outside. This will give off the impression that someone is home. And a light on a timer is also a good idea for inside, so it looks like someone is home at night. Lastly, if you have some sort of newspaper services, stop it for the winter. You don't want that piling up on your driveway.

Lock Up Securely

Once you have everything taken care of inside, be sure to securely lock up all your doors and windows. You can find heavy duty locks for these windows to make sure no one can break it. It is also wise to have an alarm system. So you can activate it right before heading out and have some peace of mind when you are away.

Notify a Neighbor of Your Departure

It is great if you have a local buddy who you can trust. This way you can let them know that you are leaving for the winter months and that your home will be vacant. These trusted neighbors can look after your home and reach out if any emergencies arise. Be sure to give them emergency notification numbers.

Have a Plan For Property Maintenance

During the winter, there are still instances where you may need work done on your yard. So be sure to have an arrangement for snow removal in case there is a snowstorm. The piling up of snow is another tell-tale sign of an unoccupied home. And if a storm sends downed branches and tree limbs, be sure that gets cleaned up too.

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