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On our list of contracting services, we build foundations for homes. A foundation is a critical part of any home and helps with its structural support as it connects a building structure with the ground. This allows for the building to transfer any stress or load to the ground, which keeps the whole structure stable. Depending on the height of the building, the building of a foundation can be shallow or deep. 

There are many important benefits of building a sound foundation. As contractors on Fire Island, we have years of experience building the foundation of a home. For more information about our Fire Island contracting services, please reach out to us.

Fire Island Property Management Corp is licensed and insured and provides professional services, such as rental property management, services for homeowners and tenants, and home construction and remodeling services. Check out all of our contracting services available. Let us help with your home building or renovation project. 

Why Foundations Are Necessary in Buildings

As mentioned, a foundation helps to provide structural integrity and you simply can't construct a building without a strong foundation. Let's take a look at the reasons why a foundation is necessary in buildings.

Building Support

The #1 reason for a foundation is to create sound structural support for a building or home. The foundation allows the weight of the building to be distributed evenly over a large area of the ground and prevents the building from sinking into the ground. Adding in support to keep the home upright.

Prevents & Resists Movement

Foundations, especially a deep foundation, helps to anchor the building deep into the ground. This not only makes any building more stable, but it also helps to resist the building from having any lateral movements. Keeping the structure safer and those inside safe.

More Resistant to Natural Forces

Mother nature can wreak havoc, but having a building with a solid foundation will help keep it upright and safe during natural events, such as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, snows and strong winds. On Fire Island, we act as a barrier to Long Island for storms and hurricanes and are thus subject to strong winds when they come along. Having a home with a solid foundation leads to more of a likelihood of structural support.

Provides Flat Ground for Construction

When a foundation is created for a project, the land around it needs to be flattened first in order to start building. This makes the construction of a building or home a lot easier, especially on rough and hilly terrain since everything is flat. Hilly terrain . . . something Long Island is well-stocked in!

Prevents Moisture from Ground

Moisture seeping into a home can greatly reduce the structural strength of any building or home, which makes it more prone to collapsing. One of the leading sources of moisture is actually the ground, which is due to rainfall seeping into the earth. A solid foundation can prevent moisture from entering the home and getting into the basement, which can lead to flooding and mold growth. And that leads to construction and money spent. Avoid those problems with foundation building from Fire Island Property Management.

Prevents Insects

A well-built foundation can also prevent insects from infesting your home, which can lead to infestation issues and headaches. And the need to get in touch with an exterminator. Avoid costly issues like bug infestation.

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