Inground Pool Design & Installation

Fire Island Property Management offers professional installation of inground pools for homeowners throughout the Fire Island area on Long Island, New York. Few things bring more excitement to a homeowner than the installation of a new pool in your backyard. It is something for the kids to play in and for the neighbors to admire.

Installing an inground pool is a huge decision, which is why we are here to help you navigate this process. There are benefits and advantages about adding a pool to your backyard. If you have any questions about this process and need help making a decision about installing an inground pool, then please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Get a quote today.

When you reach out, we can provide you with a fair and accurate estimate for the installation of an inground pool. Many homeowners on Long Island love having a pool in their backyard and our Fire Island contracting team can help make that dream a reality. From the design stages, to the materials, to the installation, we can be there for you every step of the way!

Is it Worth Putting a Pool in Your Backyard?

Adding a pool is a major decision for every homeowner. While no one can make the choice for you, there are some crucial factors that may impact your decision on if you want an inground pool. From having more options to entertain guests, to potential for long-term payoffs in the future, here are a few ways you can benefit from investing in a new inground pool for your backyard.

Installing a pool adds value to your home. So, if you think you might be moving one day, this new inground pool installation will improve your property value and help you sell the home at a higher price should that day come.

Having a pool can be a lot of fun and is a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family.

Pools are the perfect centerpiece for entertaining friends and family alike. Having a pool is a great excuse to even entertain the idea of throwing a party. When you have a pool, you can host barbeques and throw pool parties. And for anyone with a summer birthday, inviting people over to take a dip on the pool is a surefire way to have some fun!

You might not think it, but having a pool is a fun way to exercise. Swimming laps in your pool is a great way to get your exercise in without really feeling like you are exercising. All in the comfort and privacy of your backyard.

Coming home from work and taking a swim in your pool is a great way to unwind. And just in general, using the relaxing nature of your pool can ease tension and can be a great outlet for relaxation.

Comparing Inground Pools to Above-Ground Pools?

In general, an inground pool costs more to install than an above-ground pool. However, the greater upfront costs typically will pay for themselves over the course of time. When someone is selling a home, one with an inground pool is more valuable than one with an above-ground pool or no pool at all. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out, but those are the facts.

But even if you are not planning on moving anytime soon, when you choose an inground pool installation you also get the benefit of a longer lifespan. You will get more use out of an inground pool and for longer compared to an above-ground pool, which means the money you are spending is still going further. Conversely, if you aren't planning on constant use of a pool, then by all means opt for the less expensive above-ground pool.

When installing an inground pool, there are more options for customization, too. Fountains, water gardens and more are easier to incorporate into the design of an inground pool since there is more space to work with compared to an above-ground pool which typically needs to be constructed in a certain way. We can help guide you through the decision process and install a pool that matches your dreams.

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