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When you turn to Fire Island Builder for spring opening property management, you get professional services to help re-open when the warmer months arrive. Winters on Long Island, New York can be harsh. So closing up property you own is not uncommon. And our property management services are here to help!

We can be there for you when the time is right and help with certain tasks. Here is a list of common aspects to look out for when re-opening your home for the spring months.


During the cold winter months, bugs and pests will hide away in warmer areas of the home. But as the temperatures warm up, they come out of their hiding. Checking for pests is a must every spring to make sure you avoid infestation problems for the coming summer months.

Inspection of Water Heaters & Drains

In the winter, it is common that there is sediment buildup in hot water tanks and various drains. Of course, how much exactly builds up depends on some factors, but it happening all the same is reason for caution. So, draining the sediment will help your water heaters last longer. It is also recommended to check the temperature gauges and reset them if necessary to align with the coming months.

Plumbing Prep

When spring rolls around, checking the plumbing aspects is a must. So, during the spring opening, it is a good time to do a few basic tests to make sure all of your systems are up and working. Checking both indoor and outdoor faucets, pipes, and sump pumps are recommended. And if you have irrigation systems and patio drains, then those need to be checked too for any issues. The drastic change in temperatures can cause leaks and blockages from debris thawing.

Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpets in the home, cleaning them every spring during the re-opening is a good way to handle keeping them clean. There can be debris buildup on the carpet if no one was around during the winter. Or if there was limited traffic, there is still the possibility of tracking in slush, salt and dirt. All of these can leave the carpet looking dirty.

Replace Any Batteries

During the spring re-opening, it is smart to check anything that might need a battery. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are important to keep working, so making sure they have batteries that are working properly. Running tests to make sure all safety systems are in order is also a good idea.

Furnace & A/C Filters

When the seasons change, it is also a smart time to replace any indoor air filters, such as the furnace and A/C filters. This way you ensure the longevity of your HVAC systems. These air filters defend the unit from air pollutants from entering your home. Keeping the air you breathe safe and clean. And not only that, it prevents you from having to get them repaired sooner than later.

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