House Raising, Lifting & Moving on Fire Island

Our experienced crew understands and excels in any house moving, raising, and lifting project on Fire Island, New York. Our years of working with Fire Island residents make us uniquely qualified for the job. Throughout the inspection, moving day, and follow-up, Fire Island Property Management Corp works with you during every step. During Hurricane Sandy and other severe weather periods, our team's services helped restore the lives of many Fire Island homeowners. We used the same care and skill level during those house lifting projects that we do in all of our work. Our goal to provide trustworthy, efficient service and quality workmanship is the foundation of our business. So if you are in need of house moving, raising or lifting services on Fire Island, then please reach out to us today to learn more.

Raising & Lifting Houses Prevents Storm Damage

If you are a Fire Island homeowner, you are acutely aware of the dangerous high tides tropical storms can cause. If your home's foundation is low enough where water can collect and damage your property, house moving is your best option to solve this issue. House moving, also known as ‘house raising’ or ‘house lifting’ requires specialized tools and lifts utilized by a highly trained and experienced crew to raise your house and its foundation from the ground up. In addition to solving severe flooding concerns, house raising may also help decrease your insurance costs while protecting your family and valuable possessions.

Fire Island Property Management is proud to offer Fire Island residents our elite house raising and lifting services. Our commitment to excellent client support allows us to provide you with the highest quality work. And allows for you to keep your property safe. Our professionally trained crew works diligently to ensure the longest lasting results. Their years of knowledge and experience are evident in all home improvement projects. We look forward to working with you.

For more information about our general home contracting services, please get in touch with us today. When you reach out, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation to go over all of your needs, including the parameters of the house moving, raising, and lifting project in question. As well as any other potential contracting services like working on your foundation, kitchen remodeling or pool design.

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